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Whether you're just starting out, pursuing a professional career, or broadening your skills, Interair has the facilities, infrastructure, and experienced staff to meet your training needs.

Why Interair?

Flight Training: Interair flying school provides a dynamic learning environment, combining instructor expertise and a strong student focus. Our company mission is to provide excellence in aviation training by creating a learning environment that facilitates economical achievement of flight crew licences to a high level of competence with particular emphasis on flight safety and procedures. From day one you will be learning to fly at a full radar air traffic controlled airport under the same safety environment and procedures used by passenger airliners

Staff: Interair flying instructors are all Grade One. Our instructors have a genuine passion for teaching, with thousands of hours of instructing experience. This experience is fed back into our training programs ensuring that you receive the highest standard of flight training possible while minimising your training costs

Courses: Interair offers an extensive range of both full time and part time courses to cater for everyone, from recreational to career pilots. We offer everything from Private, Commercial, Night VFR, Instrument Rating and Instructor Rating. All your training will be conducted by your own dedicated Grade One Instructor. You will be guaranteed personalised attention throughout your training course.

Cost: Our course costs are based on a realistic expectation. The flying hours quoted for obtaining a licence are based on the average hours taken by most students and not the minimum hours. This obviously can vary depending on the students ability. There is no charge for ground briefings, both pre flight and post flight, you only pay for the flying time, There are no expensive up front payment fees, you can pay as you go.

Aircraft: We have a diverse fleet of training aircraft to meet all your training requirements, ranging from the Cessna 172, one of the most popular training aircraft in the world, to the Cessna 182, Piper Seminole and Beechcraft Kingair.

Maintenance: Interair has its own maintenance facility. All aircraft maintenance is performed in house, ensuring all aircraft are maintained to the highest possible safety standards.


 Melbourne Pilot Training

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 Melbourne Pilot Training

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Piper Chieftain
Our Piper Chieftain is suited to medium groups of passengers with exceptional comfort and speed.
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