Course Overview

The multi engine instrument rating (IFR) is a popular step for pilots who have completed their commercial pilots licence and would like to further increase their employment opportunities. The issue of this rating enables pilots to fly in IMC (instrument meteorological conditions) a requirement required by charter companies and commuter airlines.

The course involves flying approaches including GPS,VOR,ILS,DME and NDB. Initially training will be completed in a synthetic trainer. Once the competent standard of flying instrument approaches is reached we will then look at conducting navigational exercises. A pre – flight test and the final flight test with a approved CASA testing officer will complete your training.

Completion of the IREX theory exam is required prior to the flight test.

  • Eligibility Requirements

    Private Pilot Licence or Commercial Pilots licence and completion of IREX theory.

More Information
  • Aircraft

    Piper Seminole PA-44

  • Flight Hours

    20 hrs in aircraft/20 hrs synthetic trainer

  • Study Mode

    Part time or Full Time

  • Prerequisites

    • IREX Theory