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Based at Melbourne’s Essendon Airport we offer a aircraft charter service that will meet all your needs with a variety of piston, turbine and corporate jets available. Let our experienced flight crew deliver you safely to your destination in style, comfort and on time. For more information on the cost of aircraft hire from Essendon or for any other aircraft charter enquiries please get in touch with our team.


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Enjoy the following advantages by using Interair's aircraft charter service


All charter  aircraft we operate meet our rigorous maintenance standards and is crewed by our experienced pilots.

As a Civil Aviation Safety Authority approved charter operator, your corporate charter flights flight are insured against passenger liability.

Cost Effectiveness

Your aircraft charter quote will reflect a number of options available to you.  This of course is based on your flight distance and passenger numbers.  We will arrange a number of different aircraft type options.

An optimum travel solution is provided all the time. We can have an aircraft ready for you within one hour’s notice.  Private Jet Charter Melbourne will need a little more time.


Essendon Airport Flights to any airport in Australia.  Unlike large jet transport, our Melbourne Air Charter service operates to thousands of small airstrips around the country. Fly directly into your destinations, no more waiting for those connecting flights!


Your Corporate Charter Flights run on your schedule. Tailored to your needs, and any destination Australia wide. The aircraft will be ready to depart as soon as you arrive at the airport.

Likewise, we can arrange an airport transfer when you disembark from the aircraft. Ground transportation will be waiting for you. What a convenience!

Useful Business Equipment

At Essendon Airport we do provide a passenger lounge where you can sit back relax and connect to the free wi-fi , but the whole point of private Jet Charter is to depart immediately.

Once on board the aircraft you can enjoy the club-seating layout, enabling an in-flight business meeting. In-flight catering can also be arranged on request.

Quick Response

Australia wide charter operations 24/7.  An advantage of being based at Essendon Airport is we can operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you have an urgent need for a aircraft charter, please do not hesitate to call us 0417 548 884 anytime.

We can have you airborne in 60 minutes during business hours and 90 minutes after hours. Call us to book your flight and start driving to Essendon Airport!

Corporate Discount

Regular charter fight customer’s are eligible for a further discount.  Should you have the need to have business charter flights on regular or semi-regular basis, we can offer you a corporate discount price.