Course Overview

If you’ve been thinking about whether flying is for you then why not book yourself a Trial Instructional Flight also known as a TIF. This is a fantastic way to help you decide if pursuing a pilot licence for either a career or hobby is for you. A TIF is also a ideal present for someone you know who is passionate about aviation. Interair can arrange a gift certificate if you have someone in mind.

The Trial Instructional Flight (TIF) consists of a 30 – 45 minute ground briefing on the basic controls and major cockpit features, followed by a 40 minute flight. The aircraft used is a Cessna-172, one of the safest and most popular training aircraft in the world. The aircraft is equipped with fully – duplicated controls, and your friendly, experienced instructor will guide you through with the aircraft under your own control.

For further information on a Trial flight please click here where you will receive more information on the benefit of conducting a Trial Flight.

More Information
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  • Aircraft

    Cessna 172

  • Flight Hours

    45 minutes

  • Study Mode

    Not Applicable

Perfect for someone who has always dreamed of soaring high, gift them a flying lesson today.