Course Overview

A night VFR rating is the next step for many pilots who have completed their PPL (Private Pilot’s Licence).  The night rating allows you more flexibility when flying under the visual flight rules. Completion of this rating allows you to fly at night anywhere in Australia.

The course consists of night time circuits and navigation exercises including instrument time. Time in a synthetic trainer is also required. It is here where you will be trained on the use of the GPS, VOR and NDB, useful for night navigation.

The city looks amazing at night your going to love it.

More Information
  • Cost

  • Aircraft

    Cessna - 172 / Dual Synthetic trainer

  • Flight Hours

    Aircraft 11 hours (includes solo time) & Synthetic trainer 3 hours

  • Study Mode

    Part time / Full Time

  • Prerequisites

    • PPL (Private Pilot Licence)